The Van Meters would consider themselves an interesting family of five, each one adventurously pursuing life in a unique way, but connected always by love. But then, something happened to change all of their lives. On March 16, 2008, one of them decided to leave the earthly family. In this book, Corinne Van Meter takes us on a journey through her adjustments and realizations after her twenty-six year-old daughter, Vicki, took her own life. What begins as a shocking tragedy for them, turns gradually into a story of new awareness that leads to a place of hope.

The author can help those grieving to find peace amid loss. By sharing how she connected with her daughter on the other side of life, she shows how she achieved that peace. She offers the example of her family‚Äôs experience to illustrate how intertwined we are with each other and how all the happenings in our lives are, perhaps, part of a greater picture. For her, there are no coincidences. 

She leads readers to open their own awareness and presents them with an opportunity to expand their choices as they respond to loss. This is a comforting and inspiring book for anyone who has lost a child or a loved one due to suicide or by any other means, but it is also thought-provoking to anyone seeking answers to what lies on the other side of this life.

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"For those who are grieving, this "must read" book offers a profound message of hope and guides the reader into an awareness of grace and understanding."  A.M.

"Your story is quite extraordinary, and I know that your book is a tremendous contribution to the truth that life and love continue after death.  I loved reading your book!"  N.R.

"I have just finished reading your book.  It is such a positive, warm, and heart-touching story.  This book cannot but help anyone who has lost a loved one and who is struggling with loss on so many levels."  K.R.

"I just want to say that once I started reading Is it Dusk or Is it Dawn, I could not put it down!"  A.T.

"Thank you for writing such an insightful, good read."  M.N.

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