From The Independent Magazine January 2012


                                                            by Corinne Van Meter

  When we want to find our way to an unknown address, we are now afforded help by connecting to our car's GPS or the Internet and finding a map with directions to our destination.  We can even use our cell phone to do that.  Today, we have help if we see it . . .  help that comes from our own effort to hook up with the frequencies in the invisible ethers to find our way on a trip to a new place.  Eventually, we most likely will get there.  We find what we are looking for.  But, can we ever find a place called "peace"?  Is that possible?

  What is peace anyway?  Peace . . . a gentle place of acceptance and satisfaction, a state of inner bliss, a feeling of perfection and connection with everything that is.  Such a place does exist . . . inside of us.  How can we travel the road and eventually arrive at such a place?  Perhaps, the answers are simpler than we can imagine.  Perhaps, we just have to make the effort to begin the journey and set our own, personal GPS for inner peace.

  The world is filled with distractions.  Our time here on earth is made up of moments, and in each moment we can choose to what we give our attention.  We can begin the journey to finding inner peace when we make deliberate attempts to block out the distractions.  Turn off the TV!  Turn off the radio!  Put the book down - the one you chose to teach you about making higher connections - and simply connect with who you are being!  Spend time in nature.  Don't be afraid of being alone with your thoughts.  Eventually, you will become friends with a wise voice that lives in the place of peace inside of you.  You just need silence to hear it.  Have no fear, for it is your Divine connection speaking with you and guiding you.  Trust it.

  In your silence, listen to your highest thoughts, listen to your body, notice your feelings, observe the life around you!  Slow down and practice just being with the animals, the insects, the sun, the rain, the wind, the rocks, the trees, the moon and the stars.  Hear the songs of the birds and the fall of the water.  All these parts of life are a part of you, and when you become part of them, you will find bliss living in your inner space.  Wake up, and hear the voice of life!

  It is time to find peace.  Journey not in the distractions of this illusionary world but travel inside to that place where there is only you and the voice that speaks.  That is your own place of bliss.  It is a labyrinth you will walk, crossing the happenings in your past, seeing them for the truth they have revealed to you.  All joys will deepen, all pains will be loosed . . . peace will gently find its way into that secret place that you tread.  Our walk with the Divine in us will release us from all illusion and we will gradually know and be who we really are - the light energy children of God, our Source, part of One, a part of all that is, infinitely endowed with all possibility!

  I can admit, now that I am older and wiser, that I am feeling the bliss of being, rather than being so focused on doing.  After all, we are human beings first.  Perhaps, that is the luxury that old age and wisdom bring.  If only I had seen that I always had that choice of peace as I traveled through the bumps and turns along my life path;  if I had visited that inner sanctum where "all is well" in all that is;  if I had found that place earlier, I could have relaxed, enjoyed the ride even more.  Perhaps finding it was my journey.

  Imagine a world of inhabitants knowing that inner peace is the starting place for world peace, the kind of peace that connects us all to the energy of the Divine.  What we could all create together, starting within peace!  Just imagine!

  From The Independent Magazine May 2012


                                                                by Corinne Van Meter

  What an honor it is to bring forth into the world a spirit who will join the human family on this planet Earth. I have had that miraculous experience three times in this life, and the pure joy of those moments lives in my heart.  But birth is just a very small part in the journey of a life, for it begins a long dance of challenge and opportunity for learning.

  My children are grown, and through the years my role in their lives has often changed.  At first, I was most concerned about their physical well-being, but as they grew, my eyes opened to see the spirit energy inside their bodies, and I knew I needed to listen as it spoke to me.  I am grateful I did.  Now, I am not saying that I heard everything, and I am willing to offer that I made some mistakes along the way, but I choose to see those as opportunities from which we grew.  I have learned so much from each one of my children and, hopefully, I will continue to do so, for expansion should never end.

  I have always thought of myself as my children's hope, thinking positively for them, encouraging them, giving them freedom to be and imagining all possibility for them in their lives.  Perhaps the highest hope of a mother's soul is that her children find happiness.

  I was blessed to have a mother whose wisdom continues to nurture my soul from beyond.  The influence of our mother stays with us throughout our lives, for when she leaves this world, the memory of her lingers, and she is present within our thoughts and feelings for the rest of this lifetime.  My mother was my silent and constant teacher of unconditional love.  She held the space for me to be my best, and I am grateful.  I can only hope to pass the legacy of my mother onto my children.

  No two mothers are alike.  Sometimes a father can be a mother.  Some mothers are not our birth mothers, but instead are those special people in our lives who, with an open heart, give us love and support when we need it.  Bless them.  Other mothers can be challenging in our relationship with them.  Perhaps, that is not an accident.  Although it may seem incredible, perhaps each of us has received just the right "mother" to help us grow, to learn crucial lessons along our ever-changing pathway in life.  Mothers are our first teachers.  Our birth mother gave us our very first gift: life.  We would not be who we are now without her.  Ultimately, what we do with the life we've been given becomes our choice.  We have freedom to choose.  Our mothers deserve our respect for their choice to bring us into the world for the opportunity to have choices.

  And there is the mother that we all share: our Mother Earth, the creator of all that vibrates around us.  Does she not supply the physical needs of her children and nurture them with the energy of her spirit-filled gift of love?  She cradles us in her wisdom, the wisdom found in the plants, the trees, the rocks, the animals, the water, the invisible energy that envelops us.  She is in constant creation for us and teaches us daily of our inter-connectedness with all that is.  Like the blessing of a compassionate earthly mother, she has fed our bodies as well as our souls so that we, too, can give birth to ourselves, to our growth, to our knowing, completing the cycle of creation.  Her love is constant and unconditional.  She deserves our respect and appreciation.  She waits for us, as a patient mother would.  She waits for us to notice her, to feel the love that she is and to reflect it back to her.  That is the choice of humanity.

  The energy of a mother's love - we are born of it, we live in it, its beauty caresses our being.  Pause, breathe it in, and feel its peace.




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