06/23/2012 - Corinne Van Meter was one of the featured speakers at TEDx   SunRiver         

What They're Saying:

"Corinne, what a beautiful presentation!"

"I met this inspiring mother while dealing with the death of my own daughter.  I now feel comforted . . . and am forever grateful to Corinne and Vicki."

"Never miss an opportunity to interact with Corinne.  She is very special and, very likely, will help you be a better, more sensitive person.  Read her books and poetry."

"What an amazing, courageous, beautiful mother.  Thank you for sharing your story.  I'm very glad I watched this." 

"Give yourself a gift today: spend 18 minutes watching Corinne Van Meter talk about how she dealt with her daughter's death.  You'll be touched and inspired, and perhaps will have a new perspective on how to cope with grief."

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