What is an anchor of light? 

It is a beam of love which holds a space of possibility...the hope that humankind will rise within its own consciousness and know that we are each greater and more powerful than any experience we are having in this physical world.  Inside us is a Divine spark, light energy emanating from God, our Source.  We are living a sacred experience on this earth, one filled with choices, each one offering us an opportunity to expand.  I recognize my life in all its parts, in all of its moments, is a journey within my heart deep into my soul.  I now devote my time to being that anchor of light for others through my writing and my speaking.  You, too, are that light...let us help each other to shine even more brightly!

Corinne Van Meter was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and graduated from Edinboro University of PA, with a BS in Education, and after being a stay-at-home mom for twenty-four years, returned to the classroom teaching at-risk students. Being now retired, she retreats to North Carolina in the spring but enjoys spending the majority of her free time exploring and experiencing the splendor of the red rocks near her home in St. George, Utah, where she lives with Jim, her husband of forty-three years. Corinne offers a higher perspective on the subjects of death, grief and loss. 

She devotes her time to sharing, through writing and speaking, her personal story of discovery, encouraging others to expand themselves by re-thinking their own realities.

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